Three clear goals and a new home

Hello my friends,

The word in the streets is that you have been looking around for new high quality reading content. Well, I am here to tell you that I moved my blog to a new home. The reason? I grew up.

For a while I was away from “snap” trying to find myself and in the process CAUSEICAN was born.

Why did I choose that name?

I am glad you asked.

This has been a process in which I though I was fueled by the power of will, and I was, I am. But there is a stronger force behind and is because of it that I (we) can do all things through Him who gives me (us) strength.

Currently I am taking the WP blogging 201 course with the focus on branding and growing my blog. I am not one to ask for many things, however, I would like to ask for your participation.

What I am asking for is for you to be my critics, provide feedback and make suggestions on my blog and posts.

I invite you to read causeican’s about page and learn a little about me and what I am up to. Also I want to tell you that one of my first assignments in this course is to have three clear goals for my blog. Here they are:

  • Establish a new weekly feature on my blog by January 1st.
  • Publish posts from three guest bloggers over the next three months. So, if you happen to be interested, drop me a line and we can work together.
  • Gain 20% more followers by January 15th

These are my three most immediate goals, however, if I were to exceed my wildest blogging dreams, I would have three books published. A community of people empowering people would have formed around this blog and there would be guest posts in the daily dose section every day.



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