My best friend charges by the hour

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…yes SHE does and the worst part is that I don’t get freebies “Business is business and I don’t want our friendship to get in the middle of it” she says…

Some time ago my father said: “Son, I think it’s time”…  He took me to this place, with soft music, neat arm chairs, silk sofas, soft pillows, dim lighting and sandalwood scent.

Out of the dark she came, a slender athletic silhouette, long black hair, dark eyes, soft voice.  I was so nervous that my voice broke when I said hello.  My father  made the proper introductions and left me there… “I’ll be back in an hour” he said.  That hour was the beginning of my end, I discovered a world of awesomeness, power and chills.

The addiction to her services is something I am not sure I want to give up,  I’ve become addicted to the satisfaction, the relief, the overall feeling of GREAT.  I’ve become addicted to something I always thought I would never pay for.

I have a problem, an addiction that is killing my wallet, it’s making me lose weight, I rather go to her for an hour of relief than to buy food.

Hi, my name is Andre, I am addicted to her and she charges by the hour.

Admitting that you have a problem is the first step in overcoming that problem, I hope this helps, because  my therapist’s hourly rate is killing me softly.



9 thoughts on “My best friend charges by the hour

  1. luciferluceafarluceafarul says:

    This was more then I could Stand! ROFL! I could not even imagine this was real. I only know one other person that is that honest. You have to let me re-blog this. I was looking at your Photography. I love it. Real life Images.

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