Hello My Name is…

Cut it out with the stupid Alejandro Sanz NOT funny jokes.
Did you really think it was funny? That you were the first one to come up with it?

Hello, my name is Alejandro Sáenz, not to be confused with Alejandro Sanz (notice how there is no accentuation or “E“?).

  • No I will not sing for you!
  • No, not like the singer, how did you tell? (to the cashier at the supermarket after she read the name on my credit card)
  • How have I been? pisando fuerte because I have el corazon partio.

There was this long weekend holiday once and I decided to spoil myself and get one of those all-inclusive weekend deals at a hotel, so I called to make the reservation.

I’ve always gone by my middle name, but I felt like using my fist name…

Hotel Clerk: Hello thank you for calling “X” hotel, how can I be of assistance?
Me: Hi, I would like to make a reservation for the coming weekend.
Hotel Clerk: Sure, may I have your name Sir?
Me: Alejandro Sáenz
Hotel Clerk: Alejandro Sanz?
Me: Yes
Hotel Clerk: Allow me just a moment please Sir…

Voice in off (the clerk to her front desk mates): Guys it’s Alejandro Sanz, Alejandro Sanz is coming HERE Oh my Gooooodddd!!! finally this job pays off… blah, blah, blah…

Hotel Clerk: Sorry about that Sir, my computer got stuck but it’s working fine now, how many will that be for Sir?
Me: That will for two…

The rest of the conversation went fairly normal, except for her being a little nervous, I got the room number and check in times, etc. When we got to the hotel the next weekend at the expected check in time, all the hotel’s maids were coincidentially cleanning the lobby and reception area.

We walked to the front desk…

Hotel Clerk: Hello, welcome to “X” hotel, my name is… ( I forgot her name).
Me: Hello, I have a reservation for two.
Hotel Clerk: And your name is?
Me: Alejandro Sáenz…

At once all the maids turned to face the front desk… the disappointment in their faces was EPIC, they all gathered their cleaning gear and walked out.

Of course the treatment I received was the treatment any other simple mortal would get.

Now THAT was funny… your jokes are not.


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