On blind dating

For the sake of this post let’s say that blind dating is still exists; With all social media outlets available blind isn’t really blind.
Now that being said, what we see on the social media world is just an illusion, I mean, no body posts what they think is an ugly photo of themselves (we know they should’ve burned that picture), so in some way we’re going blind into the dating jungle.

Tips for your next “blind date”:

• Don’t over dress, it gives the impression that you are trying really hard to be liked. Instead wear something casually sexy.

• Go prepared for the worse, if you expect too much you will be easily disappointed. Don’t settle for anything either, find a middle ground.

• Don’t talk about your “ex” nor ask about theirs, this would cause really awkward silent moments, that would be broken with comparisons of who had the worse experiences, hence setting up an alert that won’t let you enjoy the eevning. If you do however bring this topic to the table, do it at the end, that way the awkward silent moments will be less.

• Have a script, and by a script I don’t mean a questionaire, I mean conversation topics that you can easily transition to and from, without appearing rehearsed. Try controversial subjects, this always brings out the best and worse in people.

• Being anxious is natural when dating, be it blind dates or not, telling you not to be would be good for nothing, however, if you are going for drinks and will meet at that place, try to be earlier than the other person and have shot of whiskey, that will calm you down, that brings me to the next point.

• Set yourself a drinks quota, three beers is fine, four gives the wrong impression and will make you want to drink even more, at the risk of getting drunk and acting stupid. Have a coke after the beers, caffeine is always good.

• Facebook, twitter, G+ (if you work for Google), etc. if you met that person through social media, stop stalking already, don’t go through their profiles “liking” every post or picture, don’t say hi or “poke” them every time you see them online or start making questions about their ten thousand friends, don’t be creepy, no one will go out with a stalker.

• Regarding social media. Watch what you post, overly positive statuses makes people think of you as a person that lives in a “bubble of perfection”, negativite, depressing and hareful posts will cause a major decrease in the profiles you will be able to see. Post controversy, sarcastic humor, people like that.

• If you write a blog post about blind dating, make sure you publish it AFTER going on that date, that person might be a blogger as well and who knows, they might even follow your blog.

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