One of those days

Today, as any other sunday, me my daughter were going to church, but in the end, we decided to stay and play all day, for those of you that don’t know, her and I only see each other on weekends, hence or time together is pecious. Anyway, we stayed and played, washed the car as seen on my previous post (weekly photo challenge: happy) and then, went to track, to excercise a little.

20121008-123753 a.m..jpg

20121008-123806 a.m..jpg

While at the track, I looked up and saw these shoes hangging from the electric cables. In Costa Rica, when someone leaves the neighborhood (moves away) they throw an old pair of shows to hang on the cables, sort of to be remembered by those who stay, so, a sayin was created after this, that is used in slang when some dies: “he/she hung the shoes”.

20121008-124343 a.m..jpg

I felt a little shiver but didn’t want to pay attention to it.
Then it started to rain so, my daughter and I went for ice cream (the rain was just the excuse, oh and I have no pictures of the ice cream, sorry).
Well, it so happens that my mom has been very ill for the past 5 years, but lately she has gotten worse, and today was one of those days, she was so sick today that we calles her nurse (whom we thank so much for helping us with her) and we ended up having to call an ambulance to take to the hospital.

20121008-125035 a.m..jpg

A few minuts ago, they called from the hospital, that my mom wants my dad to go back and stay with her.

So, it’s almost 1am and I can’t make my self fall asleep, hoping that the hanging shoes and the shiver were not that dreaded sign.

God bless you.


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