To text or not to text

This picture I decided to post separately because I kind of made up a story for her.

I got on the bus on my way back home and sat next to her, then, a few stops later this elder lady got on, so I gave her my seat and stood next to her, observing the cute girl next to the window.

She took out her mobile and scrolled through her contact list three times, stoping at the same name in the list all three times, then blocking the phone, then again, and again until she clicked on that name.

Before typing anything, she swept her finger through the screen as if struggling with reason vs heart was taking place somewhere within, then she typed and hesitated before hitting the send key, reason won and she deleted what she had typed.

Then she started typing again and hit send. Biting her finger nails, she looked out the window. A grim on her face was the reflection on the glass, the kind that you make when you are dissapointed on yourself because you were the first to say I love you.

20120620-083958 p.m..jpg


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