I felt like taking the bus today

I didn’t feel like riding my bicycle nor driving to work today, but I felt an urge to photograph something and smell the rotten smells of the city.

So here is how the day went. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

20120620-081913 p.m..jpg

20120620-081929 p.m..jpg

20120620-081949 p.m..jpg

20120620-082013 p.m..jpg

20120620-082027 p.m..jpg

20120620-082043 p.m..jpg

20120620-082056 p.m..jpg

20120620-082108 p.m..jpg

20120620-082125 p.m..jpg

20120620-082136 p.m..jpg

20120620-082156 p.m..jpg

20120620-082205 p.m..jpg


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