Diy shipping pallet bedside table

I really like DIY projects and I am constantly looking for some that are interesting and cheap.   Five years ago, I made a bed for my baby girl whom was about to come into this beautiful world, I had a blast and since then, I’ve been wanting to make myself a bed side table out of a shipping pallet.

Well, I finally took the time to make it, so I wnt to this warehouse close to my house and nicely asked if I could have the pallet that was laying around the dumpster area.

This is how I got a pallet for free.

20120611-084944 p.m..jpgAfter dragging it home, I took it apart, because that thing is too big and heavy for what I want.










20120611-084955 p.m..jpg

Remember to measure twice four times and cut once.










20120611-085008 p.m..jpg

I like the look of the rusty nails, so, after taking them out, I re-used them.










20120611-085016 p.m..jpg

While taking them out, I realized how strong I am, you could say that I am as strong as The HULK, because I broke a hammer.

(You can skip this step if you are not as strong as me, or The HULK, or if you only have one hammer)








20120611-085023 p.m..jpg

Once all the nails are out, you will have to straighten them. ( I didn’t take any pictures of this step, sorry).  Although, the crooked nails look cool, don’t they?









20120611-085037 p.m..jpg

You might wanna wash the boards, however, this will slow the process, because you have to wait for them to be dry in order to continue.









20120611-085044 p.m..jpg

So I waited and enjoyed the sunset with 3 or 4 cups of coffee while the boards dried a little, said the magic words and…









20120611-085056 p.m..jpg

As if from nowhere, this nice little table appeared.










20120611-085106 p.m..jpg

I like the distressed crappy and beat up look of it so much that you will see this cool thing that I came up with when hitting the nails, in the detail image below.









20120611-085125 p.m..jpg

Isn’t it cool, that bent nail right there? Now what could be more distressed than that? (Make sure you hit that sucker hard enough to dig it in the wood).









20120611-085140 p.m..jpgThis is how it looks so far(inside the house), I don’t know if I am finished yet, I would like some stenciling done on it.

I will defenetely post about it if I do it.









I hope you enjoyed, if not my project, at least my lame sense of humor.



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