This times

Last sunday, while my daughter and I were playing with dirt and looking for earthworms to keep as pets, the subject of sibblings came out, and she told me that eventhough she has an older brother, she wants a baby sister.
I mentioned that a sister from her mom and I was not possible, and even if it were possible that there was a 50% chance that it would be a boy, to what she replied that she new that, because we are no longer married and that she is aware of her mom’s surgery to not have any more kids after her, so that left only one posibility and it was for me to get married again in order for her to have a sister and that if it was a baby boy she would love him just as much.

Do five year old children ask for regular stuff anymore? Like a bigger bike or a motorcycle, maybe a dog.

Princess this is some predicament you put me in.

Ps: I love you


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