This week

The week has been quite interesting, on thursday, Anette held a virtual exhibition of my work that at doodlecafe, this ofcourse was very flattering.

On friday, I picked up my bike from the shop, which I had not used after that weird stroke, which freaked me out. My daughter has asked me to go bike riding with her, cause me jugging by her is not as much fun for her as if I were riding as well, so that was just enough convincing and I got it ready to roll.

Saturday, was just an awful day at work so I decided to wrote this post about it. After work it was time for rehearsal, but first, pick up my daughter at her mom’s, on my way there, I say this beauty, so I had to jump in front of it and ask the driver to stop for me to take the picture, which he gladly did.

Rehearsal went great and today, me and my daughter went bike riding on campus after a very lazy morning and ran into my entry for this week’s photo challenge unusual.

While biking today through campus, I fell into a crocodile.


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