From now on

This is how things will go down every Saturday from now on.

This is a call center!

This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons.
Commons is a freely licensed media file repository.

We are here to make our customers believe that we are are here to assit them.  How do we accomplish this? by pointing out the errors they made in a sarcastic yet amicable way.

Today is saturday, that’s right, we should be out there enjoying the sun and our families, but instead, we are here. Today we WILL NOT work, we are sticking it to the man, so log off your systems and log in to facebook, flicker, tumblr or what ever social network you are on and start posting the hell out of your wall.

DO NOT pick up the phone, DO NOT pull any email cases, if I see any of you breaking this rules, I will send you home and pay yo double for the day.

Is that clear?, I said is that clear?


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