Listening to our children.

Often times we hear complaints about us not listening to our children, whether they come from our spouses, shrinks, family, friends, or even our own children.

There are parents out there that are ofcourse guilty as charged, some just disappear, some are over protective( I have caught my self on this last “label” a few times) and some of us that don’t have the opportunity to live with our children and see them every day, indulge in every minute we spend with them.

Why are we obsessed with giving children experiences? you ask.

Well, times have changed so much since we were kids, that I am amazed. I used to play in the fields around my house, now there are no fields, our houses were not behind bars back then, now we live frightened. Back then, we had our share of fresh air and river waters, bike crashes, bumps in our heads, scratches in our elbows and knees,

There was no PSP or XBox, we had wooden swords and 3D was only available on Fisher-Price’s view master. Remember those?

Any way, back to the topic of the title.

I own a small motor cycle 250 cc street bike, I have always wanted to own a Ducati Monster, however, since my daughter was born, I kind of have been hesitant about riding, because as you all know it’s sort of dangerous. Yesterday she and I were playing and she asked me I have not riden in a while, I said that because I could not take her with me when I pick her up from her mom’s, she said, dad, I am five years old, I am old enough to ride in the back.

Now is that a cry for an experience or what?

Today, I went to the auto fair and in a corner was the Ducati stand, so, I walked there, hipnotized by the curves of the Monster, got all the specs and sat on the perfect machine, needles to say, I drooled all the way back home and called my daughter, I told her about the bike and how we need a small city car, she reminded me that she is five and old enough to ride in the back seat of a bike and then she said: “dad, you need to buy the monster”

So… when it comes to listening to your children, use your better judgement.



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